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Allergy Friendly Food for NYCP

# Givingtuesdaynow

# GivingTuesdayNOW

The underserved and food-insecure members of our food allergy community need us right now. The demand for food is surging and NYC is one of the hardest hit by COVID with a projected 2 million people now needing access to food.

NYC is a special place for EAT as it is in our backyard and is the home of our partner agencies, companies, many supporters, and EAT families.

Thank you for participating in #GivingTuesdayNOW as we support the NY Common Pantry in raising funds to purchase top 9 allergy-friendly foods for those in need.

We are grateful to our growing list of sponsors who have donated cases of product! Thank you to GoGo Squeez, Treo Juice, Abe's Muffins, Rise Brewing, and IzziB's bakery!

Everyone who donates is automatically entered to win one of the following donated by our partners:

- $100 Gift Certificate for Brett Lauren jewelry
- Gift Basket from Abe’s Muffins
- "Everyday Allergen Free" Cookbook by Amanda Orlando
- $40 Gift Certificate from IzziB’s Bakery



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