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Help Me Fund A Cure for Food Allergies

Sonya North

Sonya North

As a mom of 3, 2 with life-threatening food allergies this cause is very personal to my family. I think every child should have the freedom to eat freely and enjoy simple pleasures in life--that's why I created SnackRoots.com and am sponsoring RISE to EAT.

I sincerely appreciate any support you can give toward funding research for a cure!

Together we can End Allergies for good!
Cheers - Sonya

PS - Make a safe snack list at SnackRoots.com for your child's classroom, sports team, or birthday party today. Our mission is to help others "Include the Child, Not the Allergen." A portion of SnackRoots proceeds is also donated to End Allergies Together.


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Sorry I can’t make the event but wanted support your cause!!