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Team McGrail



As you all know, ending food allergies is near and dear to our family and it is something we fight for every day. Please join us raise funds to support End Allergies Together and the incredible research they are doing to lead this fight.


raised of $1,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. Diane McGrail
2. Linda and Paul Lee
We are so grateful for your tireless efforts to keep Jack and the other food allergic safe, and we enthusiastically support E.A.T.'s impressive, ongoing research
3. Christine Lee
Team McGrail, sorry I won't be able to make the event but this is a great cause and I am happy to help!!
4. Whitney Bowe
Such an important cause! Happy to help support and can't wait to enjoy the festivities with you and your family!!!
5. kate/marc
Would love to see an allergy-free world. Such a worthy cause. Go Ashley!
6. Julie Morris