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Andy's Army

Andy's Army

Thank you for supporting Andy’s Army. Andy is a 12 year old who has been diagnosed with life threatening food allergies since birth. He’s allergic to dairy, egg, peanut & tree nuts. But Andy’s food allergies don’t define him.

He loves to play golf and video games. He is a fierce supporter of his favorite team, the New York Islanders. He enjoys going to museums and learning about science, especially about robotics and space. He works hard to advocate and educate about food allergies, and gave a presentation at school to teach some of his classmates about food allergies, cross contamination and how to keep kids like him safe.

Two years ago Andy was honored to be selected by New York Islander Andrew Ladd as one of his "Ladd's Leaders" for his work as a food allergy advocate.

But his allergies do limit him at times. He dreams of becoming a Naval aviator and eventually a Blue Angel pilot, however, food allergies are a condition that will prevent him from enlisting in the military as it’s impossible to ensure that MRE’s are safe for him to eat.

That’s why we are SHOOTing FOR A CURE! To help EAT fund ground-breaking research that might help Andy overcome his food allergies one day.


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